Solitude's only for the brave ones

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Mientras el viento triste galopa matando mariposas, yo te amo....

"O cities memories of cities
cities wrapped in our desires
cities come early cities come lately
cities strong and cities secret
plundered of their master's builders
all their thinkers all their ghosts
...I laugh and dream among the flames
among the clusters of the sun"

Robert De Niro behind the scenes of The Deer Hunter (1978)

Robert De Niro behind the scenes of The Deer Hunter (1978)

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An actor has no choice other than to put something of himself into his roles. There is no escape. You are forced to be yourself, even on the stage.

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"Tu sonrisa siempre será un beso en la distancia"
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"Your smile looks like those stars I stare at in the middle of the night. It’s got me wishing again. I don’t care if it blinds me. Lord knows I can still see you shine with my eyes closed."
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